GILTy Pleasure

Charolette Ronson Crinkle Silk Chiffon Art Deco Beaded Tank
Original Price $195 vs. Gilt price $75
Need a simple tank with some detail? Me too! I need some excitement in my life and embellishments are just the ticket! Not to mention, who doesn't love chiffon? That's what I thought. Thank God for Gilt because I'm not sure I would take this tank seriously if it were almost $200.

Keds Champion Eyelet Sneaker
Original Price $40 vs. Gilt Price $25
OK, how adorable is this little Ked? The white embroidery with the ribbon laces is beyond precious. This would the perfect feminine touch to a summer/spring outfit.

Trovata Clara Knit Blouse
Original Price $90 vs. Gilt Price $39
If there's anything I like more then a tailored-loose-blouse, it's a tailored-loose-COZY-blouse. I'm pretty sure I have a problem, because wherever I am, I need to be cozy. Which can be bad because cozy can lead to too cozy, and then you're just asleep in cozy beautiful clothes, useless. I love the sleeve buttons and the matching slits on the hips and sleeves. I'm telling you girls, it's the small details that count!

Alberta Feretti Chainmal Platform Wedge
Original Price $895 vs. Gilt Price $279
This heel is all that and more. If I had an incredible wardrobe to back this shoe up, I would snatch this off Gilt in a hot second. But unfortunately, the clothes I work with during the week are cooler then both myself and the clothes I own in my own wardrobe. I guess I'll be leaving these for someone else to buy again.

Alberta Feretti Cut Out Sandal
Original Price $695 vs. Gilt Price $249
I MUST HAVE THIS SHOE! Can someone else talk to my BrutaLBudget for once, I think it's given up all hope on taking me seriously. It refuses to speak to me when I start thinking about the adorable peach color paired with the amazing bridge like design of the heel. If you're unsure of what chic is, look at this heel. If you still don't know, then just give up already.

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