Guess who finally upgraded to iPhone 5? This kid did! A little behind the times, I know. But who doesn't get excited over new tech trends? - don't even get me started on my excitement levels over the new iOS 7 software due this September -
But, I suppose one of the down sides to always upgrading to the newest most exciting tech trend is leaving your cute tech accessories behind. I had just got my black and white initial Minnie & Emma case a couple months ago but could not resist the temptation of the upgrade from 4 to 5.  So now, I'm faced with the extreme challenge of finding a new case. The options: gold and white mmmmmmm - my favorite color duo at the moment. So $55 out the window on the 4 and now $30 expected to retreat out of my spending account....yayyyy technology...

1. Gold Stripes iPhone 5 Case Slim - Rifle Paper Co. 2. Crinkled Gold Foil iPhone 5 Case - Marc by Marc Jacobs