Opening Ceremony

Neon Keds ($100)
I've been looking at few Ked options lately, considering that my vans have been shot for some time now. I need a casual shoe that can add some fun. This neon Ked featured on Opening Ceremony is fun, casual, and playful; this shoe will set you apart from the other Ked owners.

W21 Covered Wedge Clog ($230)
OK, hello? This shoe reminds me of a desert camel for some reason, but secretly, I'm loving it! If it weren't for the gold studs along the base of the heel it would just be another covered wedge. But with the elegant suede and nude color mixed with the studs and peep toe, what more could a girl ask for?

Repetto Mila Open Toe Heel ($375)
This heel says school girl classic and purple hot mama. Normally, I'm not a fan of the thick heel but with the bow tie and the purple, I'm starting to see thick heels in a whole new light. I'm not sure I personally could pull off this heel, but a chic downtown girl? Well that's another story, go get it sister.

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag ($825)
The studs are a little aggressive on this bag but the weight of the leather sort of leaves them as a little hidden surprise. I've been really into bucket bags lately, and this one is all sorts of cool chic. The texture, the weight, the designs, the layers, I mean lets get real.

Fleet Ilya Shoulder Strap Bag ($1,035)
This bag looks a little plastic-y to me but I sorta like it in a weird way. I mean there is no possible way that my BrutaLBudget would ever EVER allow this kind of a purchase, but I mean whatever, the zippers pretty. (I love a smooth zipper *purrr*)

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