Tying the Knot

Anthropologie - Held Dear Ring ($58)
OK, as much as my mother would love for me to stop online browsing, it's a problem that I've fully embraced for the eye candy my lovely audience deserves. For my mother's sake, this will be my final post of the day to postpone my constant longing for the familiar UPS driver, Steve, to bring me something new and chic. So I'll get on with it. This ring is adorable to say the least. For anyone interested in the market of sweet little golden rings, this might be the perfect fit. Delicate, feminine, and perhaps meaningful, this ring doesn't go cheap but for a ring that you might wear all the time I'd say its a keeper. The first person I see with this ring I will be severely jealous of, my BrutaLBudget however, will be silently celebrating.
Until I'm the one celebrating,
~stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget~

::photo obtained from anthropologie.com::