Naughty Naughty Naughty

I've officially been placed in time out. My BrutaLBudget is livid with me. It's not totally disappointed or ashamed but just upset. I was doing so well! I haven't gone out to eat anywhere in a while, I haven't been spending my checking account like crazy like I was there for a while. But lets be realistic here. Today, March 25th, 2010 is the Women's Final Sale on It just so happens that there was KORS Michael Kors Debby wedge in stock in my size priced at $108 when originally priced at $250...I mean come on! That's over half off! The last pare of Michael Kors heels that I bought fit amazing and are probably the best heels I own. But this pair is ridiculously sick, if you will. 4 1/2'' heel, patent leather, toe and heel zipper. Could this shoe be ANY HOTTER? I specifically told myself that I was done buying shoes too! But this pair was too chic, too amazing, and too Michael Kors to turn down! Can you blame me? I mean I know my BrutaLBudget can, but you? My worthy followers? Anyone?

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