Sexy Shoes!

Good afternoon my sunny followers! So today is another day of expensive shoes taunting yours truly! Above, I've got pictures of three classy, chic, and fabulous pairs of heels: Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Metal Heel Pump $439, Donna Karan Criss Cross Strappy Sandal $535, and last is the Donna Karan Metallic Fabric Pump $445.
The Red Marc by Marc Jacobs is really amazing. What a power shoe! It screams lust and sexy woman all over it! The intense red with the black sole and metal heel is an amazing combination that pulls this shoe all together. Love the sexiness here.
The black Donna Karan shoe doesn't really scream must have to me but the unique style and comfort of the shoe does. The low back of the shoe is really interesting, I'm not so sure how great the fit would be but if the shoe did stay on your foot then it would be gorgeous. The low cut would really extend a girls legs.
The second Donna Karran pump is really cute to me. The metallic detail on the front of the shoes reminds me of summer in a chic woven way? The black heel of the shoe is what really got me. I love how the black seeps past the heel and into the back of the shoe. This detail would create an awesome symmetry on the back of a woman's legs. The patent leather and fabric material used really contrast each other making the shoe even more appealing. Sadly the last thing that's going to appeal to my BrutaLBudget is the contrasting materials of a shoe when the prices are over $60.

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