Out with the Old and In with the New

So lately I've been wanting to upgrade my finger wear.
For me and my hand wear, I pretty much never change things up. I ALWAYS wear the same 3 rings that I've worn for I don't know how long. Lets just say, the day I lost one of my everyday rings (Tiffany mind you) it was a very sad and lonely day.
On my left hand I only wear my silver claddagh ring on my middle finger. A claddagh ring is known to be an Irish wedding ring with a pretty little stone of some sort in the middle. However mine on the other hand...well...I got mine at an airport in Oregon when I was in middle school and haven't taken it off since. The story behind a claddagh ring, for us girls who aren't married, is that you point the heart towards you if you're in a relationship and you point it away when you're single. It's pretty popular for younger girls I've noticed so I've been thinking about straying away from something so practical and towards something a little more chic. On my right hand I have two rings, on my index finger (I know index finger rings can either be bad or kinda cool) I have a Tiffany 1837 interlocking circles ring. My boyfriend, Jake (the man I'm going to marry), gave it to me this past August on our one year anniversary. Very cute, he did very niceeee. We like to think of the ring as a symbol of us, the two circles can never be pulled apart. :) I'm in love what can I say. ANYWAYS back to rings... That ring I will keep on forever obviously and lOve it with all of my heart. Plus its a lot of fun to play with using my thumb. On my right hand ring finger I have my 10k gold class ring. It's very simple and elegant with my name engraved inside the band. It has a W engraved on the top for the name of my high school. It's classy and simple and strangly enough, I get a lot of compliments on it. On the other hand, while I loved the teachers and the education that I received at my high school the administration is psycho and I'd rather not support what they stand for. So I'd go for replacing that ring as well.
So, with that being said, lets look at some new options ;) Today, I found a gorgeous gold plated cigar band ring by Anna Beck ring on Nordstrom. The Gili is is 18k gold and has dEEEEvine detail on the band. While the ring is beyond chic and would look gorg. on one of my pretty little fingers. I haven't completely decided which hand it would go on because there are only sizes 6, 8, and 9 left and my fingers are between a size 5.5 and MAYBE 7. However, this lovely little ol' thing approximately $180. It's pretty gorg. so it's a definitely MAYBE. I want it really bad so I can't really decide if I want to mess around that much with my BrutaLBudget. But lets keep browsing ;) The second ring that I have my green eye on is an Elizabeth and James gold texture coil ring. I really love smaller bands on girls with slim fingers, it makes a girl's hands look delicate. I really like the small detail and the bit of gold on the silver band. It's simple yet very chic in it's own way. ANDDD this nifty little devil is approximately $75, which isn't too bad for an Elizabeth and Jane ring. I'm keeping my options open, but to put it frankly, I want some new god damN bling. Someone needs to hook a girl up, I would ask Jakey but he already does a girl good day to day. So until Mama BrutaLBudget hooks it, you'll have to wait to hear my review.