Julie and Julia Review

Tonight could not have been any sweeter. After picking up the movie Julie & Julia with my sorority big sister Juliann, I grabbed some essential movie viewing grub. I got a Crunch bar, Red vines, and of course a Rice Crispee. Neveragain. Lets just say I ate my body weight in sugar and I am determined to start a running routine as of tomorrow (and I am not a runner).
ANYWAYS...Julie & Julia is the cutest most inspiring movie ever. Both characters are so adorable and hilarious from their voices to their tiny quirks. I've always been a fan of Food Network and all, but this movie truely inspired me to really enjoy the art of food. That sounds dumb, but its true. Right from the beginning of the movie the dinner that Julia is making for her husband looks BEYOND delicious. SO GOOD. I want to be able to make something so good for myself and my future husband, (current boyfriend) Jake, someday. I also love how both leading ladies are able to find their true passion in life, even if it does threaten their feminine figures. I've acted almost all of my life and used to do art as well, however, I haven't followed either passion in my adventures at college. I'm always debating my future path in life, but maybe, just maybe, I'll start to get in the grove of sketches again and auditioning fall semester.
This movie was sooo entertaining regardless of its 2 hr. length, that I would watch every day. Absolutely fabulous and inspiring. I LOVE IT! Not to mention it puts a BrutaLBudget's priorities straight with a break from the high end life.
I strongly suggest watching this movie and embedding their catchphrase into your vocabulary.
As they say in cooking---
::Bon Appetit!