This weekend our little trio, Caitlin, Lauren and I, visited Perugia for it's annual chocolate festival! We hit up quite a bit of chocolate in Brussels last weekend, but clearly the chocolate didn't make it through the week...or 2 days for some of us...
So we pressed through the freezing wind chill and stalked up on all sorts of chocolate for family and friends back home. I bought a scarf and gloves while we were at it but lost one of the gloves while we were running for our train...that we missed. So typical, I had only had the pair for 30 minutes before I lost one.
But the two pictures above were sadly my best shots. The overcast lightening was nice as always, but my hands were too frozen to take pictures, so this is all you get. 
I just really liked the focus and contrast in both pictures, it made the B&W come out nicely.

::photos taken by BrutaLBudget::