In my attempt to start taking more street pictures, I went out around my neighborhood snapping shots (AKA secretly taking pictures of people and running away.) I only had the guts to ask one girl if I could take her picture. The others I was too nervous of the outcome.
The first picture of the girl sketching is my favorite. I didn't have to edit this one at all. The lighting was so beautiful in that street, the shot came out really great.
The second one came out nice too with the sun peeking through the bottom left corner. The I LOVE NY sticker was a nice touch as well, and for some reason really popular here.
The lighting in the third picture didn't come out as great as I would've liked but the moment in the picture was still nice.
OK, the second to last picture of the girl was my first official street fashion photograph. She was the only one I asked if I could take her picture and she was so great about it.
Trash pictures are always easy but the contrast was too good to pass up.

::photos taken by BrutaLBudget::