I'm officially obsessed with Brussels! Maybe I've spent too much time in old fashion Florence, but Brussesls was such an incredible breath of fresh air. It was so much more metropolitan but with the most beautiful architecture. Just the apartment buildings had so many crazy layers, railings, details, boarders, and everyone was so incredibly nice. Any city that is known for chocolate, waffles, and fries is my kind of city but I'm officially in love after visiting.
Overcast weather has proven to be my lucky natural lighting. In the first picture, the sunset lit up the sky with this really gorgeous orange glow that hit the staircase like a spotlight.
The exposure came out really well in the second picture. I ended up using infrared B&W and up-ing the contrast a little. I'm probably the most happy with the quality of this picture.
The third picture is my attempt of experimenting with street shots. I get nervous taking random people's pictures right in front of them, but I'm working on it!
The last one I just really liked how the lines and lighting came out in the streets.

::photos taken by BrutaLBudget::