I don't feature a lot of men on my blog because A.) I have a wonderful boyfriend who I like to publicly admire rather than publicly admiring the beauty of other men and B.) It's hard to run into a lot of male inspiration when I'm surrounded by a female driven industry. Now that's not totally true, but it's fair to say that women dominate the online world of fashion with blogs etc. This is also pushing it a little when you look at blogs like the Sartorialist. ANYWAYS!
I've been looking at Jak and Jil a lot lately and found this wonderful collection of back stage photos from John Galliano's show. I love how the make up is used to completely morph the features of the male models' faces. Cheek bones, eyebrows, lips, and even eye lids are exaggerated with the art of make-up by creating this illusion of depth and mystery. The whole look of the men is very romantic, very 19th century Charlie Chaplin, which is sort of refreshing when it's so easy to be inspired by the 70's color pallet or the 20's flapper dress. Thanks Galliano for your romanticism.

::photos obtained from Jak&