If I hadn't known that these photos came from the same shoot by Greg Kadel, I probably wouldn't have guessed they did just by looking at the three I've posted. Even the rest of the shoot seems a little scattered. But, these are the three I found the most inspiration from. I love how Nicola Knels was able to style corduroy in a high fashion way. Usually corduroy pants give me the willies because of the texture, but the photo makes me want to crawl in there with her! In the second photo, well...if you've followed me for long then you would know how obsessed I am with close up portraits. I love how blond her eyebrows are and the contours of her face are really warm and gentle. Do I even have to say anything about the last photo? She's a moving Sunday morning, the dress looks like the biggest and coziest duvet cover ever, and her hair screams glamorous bed head. Oh, and the twiggy lashes are the cherry on top.

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