Steve Madden Wish List

BWEAVE ($98)
I've always enjoyed a good hobo. With the woven bottom and grey/gold combo it's hard not to like this particular hobo. The size might be a little overwhelming but the short and big straps together make this bag more versatile.
BSHINE ($128) & BMINIWE ($88)
Going away to college made me view across the body bags in a whole new light. I never really understood the attraction until I went places where I couldn't find a good enough hiding spot for my purse and needed a purse smaller and closer to me. The BMINIW has another woven bottom which is always nice to mix things up with, and the sequin BSHINE, well, there isn't much to say is there?

BNIKKI ($58)
I'm not totally set on the BNIKKI but lately I've been looking out for more colorful bags. I'm always a fan of this shade of blue and with the chain and leather strap, it could be a nice addition to a girl's wardrobe.

W-WOW ($19.99) & W-DAISY ($38)
Ooh la la! Do I love these belts or do I love these belts? These two belts are the perfect waist liner, one rocker chic the other feminine flirt. I'm not sure my BrutaLBudget really agrees with heavy prices but I've been on the look out for high-waisted belts for some time now so perhaps I could slip these two by.

($79.95) & DAYBREAK ($89.95)
Another rocker chic vs. feminine flirt. The sandal on the left would look great with jean shorts a loose tank and some pop of red in a scarf or other accessory. This ankle-cut-off however will make us short girls even short at the leg, so wear with caution. The sandal on the right however, is perfect for elongating a short or tall leg.

SNOBBIE ($109.95)
Carrie Bradshaw anyone? I haven't had an urge to buy shoes like the urge I'm having right now, in a long time. I'm in love with these Steve Madden pumps, they are all sorts of fabulous. I'm not sure how I'm going to get over this one, possibly some breathing exercises? Someone help me.

WYLLA ($119.95)
I love any pop of color involving red combined with silver studs. So say hello to WYLLA. Hello, Wylla.
Until quick hellos become long time pals,
~stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget~

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