Gilty Pleasure

Tuleste Market Rosette Chain Necklace ~ Original Price $150 vs. Gilt Price $68
Tuleste Market Rosette Necklace ~ Original Price $125 vs. Gilt Price $58
My moms always been the rose girl in the family but these Tuleste Market necklaces have won me over to the rose side. I really love the bright and shiny colors on both necklaces. Big necklaces are the perfect accent to a high neckline these days and these BrutaLBudget pushers, are just the ticket to look chic.

Tuleste Market Metal Bib Necklace ~ Original Price $140 vs. Gilt Price $65
With a price under $70 it's hard to be too picky. This necklace seems like it might hang a little too low for my liking but I really do love the almost white gold shade of silver. Hopefully I can make some sort of compromise with my BrutaLBudget by the end of the sale today.
Until I don't have to compromise any more,
~stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget~

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