Speaking of Jcrew

I totally forgot to post about my new Sperry Top-Sider from Jcrew! Here I was posting about how much I love Jcrew and its accessories while I'm wearing my new kicks! Typical, so oblivious. For those of you who know me true to heart, I know what you're thinking, I've converted to the GINORMOUS trend at my college of Sperrys, but you know what? I love them! I thought they were ridiculous when I saw people wearing them but now I've come to understand the trend. However, I can happily say that I have yet to see someone with a cute pair like mine ;) The Jcrew platinum gold Sperry is so comfortable and cute that I wear them with everything. They're a little more casual than flats but a more cute than converse. I had to wait forever to get them but now that I finally have them BAH I love! Totally recommend...just don't tell you BrutaLBudget that they're $98.00...Sh!
After blogging about a cute little floral skirt on Jcrew, my mother went and bought me the skirt for Valentine's Day! She's such a sweet fashionista ;)
Let's just say mama did good! The print is just as beautiful in person as it is online. The colors and patterns are so sweet and adorable for not just Spring but any season. The skirt is a definite MINI, it was not kidding but it fits really well and would look really cute with a white top and those nude heels I ordered. This skirt could go with a lot more than a white shirt and nude shoes but ever since I opened the box I've had this cute outfit in mind...she says as she sits in spandex and running shoes waiting outside of her class.

In the photo I am wearing:
- Jcrew: Topsiders, skirt, cardigan, necklaces, belt, bracelets
- American Apparel v-neck
- Michael Kors watch
- OPI's Red Hot Ayers Rock nail color

::photo obtained from jcrew.com::