Just to Post Something

My parents' BrutaLBudget has shipped me back to college due to the conclusion of my Spring Break 2010. I LOVEDDDD BEING HOMEEE. I miss everyone and everything with all of my heart. Now that I'm back though it's time to get busy.

Here's to:
- Being in wacky moods after hanging around old friends aka LAUREN
- Spilling on my white pants AGAIN and wearing shiny spandex to go eat on campus at 10pm
- Catching up with Grecia and not feeling so alone
- Not getting home-sick
- Being excited for Summer
- People watching at airports
- Airplane pretzels
- Feeling inspired from being in CA
- Feeling like myself again
- 70 degree weather
- Being in an absolute perfect relationship with my current boyfriend
- Having incredible parents
- Weird perspectives and palm trees