YAY!! Guess who worked out yesterday? BrutaLBudget!!!
Ok so I didn't really do a traditional hardcore workout but you know what? All it takes is to get the ball rolling and then working out becomes a habbit.
Hurray! Plans are to work out at 3ish today with Cassie and Savannah!
***Patting of the back***
Currently I'm in class so this has to be a little short, I know, bad girl!
But I saw this picture last night on Easy Fashion. They say that the shoes are by Zara but so far, I've been unsuccessful at finding them any where. I VANTTTT
The girl wears them so well that I'm extremely jealous of her. BAHHH SO CUTE!
Any ways, I need to ignore my BrutaLBudget for two seconds and study for my Bio my Social Work class...the notes are online don't judge me.

~Stay Chic~