A Purchase in the Works

Good news! I've managed to finally compromise with my BrutaLBudget for something I actually need! During my social work class I usually take the time to browse through blogs or stores. Last class I found some adorable nude pumps by Steve Madden. A girl should always have the three basic colors when it comes to pumps: black, nude, and white. If you have these three colors in heels, you wont ever NEED another heel, unless for a special occasion. Especially with a nude shoe, you're going to need a shoe that's a comfortable height to walk in. This shoe is not only 3 inches, but it's also a gorg. suede with a synthetic sole. What else could you ask for? I have yet to own a pair of nude heels, and this is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. This shoe us also made by the perfect brand: Steve Madden. Steve Madden never lets a girl down and it's safe to say that with Steve, the shoe always fits. I am in lurve, we are meant to be.
Love at first site in it's finest moment.