Ohhhh Anja

First, I'm sorry to my followers for getting so caught up in the stress of things lately that I ignored my BrutaLBudget. Never fear, I am back.
Lets not even talk about how hot Anja Rubik is right now in the modeling industry. Here, shes featured in the Vogue Spain March issue and whoever the stylist was for this shoot, BRAVO(A)!
Everything works so well off of each other, from lace and blazers to embroidery and embellishments. I love love LOVE all the little details. The hand-sized broach on the first picture is to die for with that blazer, not to mention that entire outfit is adorable, chic, feminine, and sharp all in one. The lace up shoes in the second picture I wouldn't have paired with such a delicate dress but it actually works fabulously. Love the simplicity in the third picture, fresh, clean, and beautiful. The booties and teeny tiny clutch made the 4th look for me, a PERFECT example of how accessories can tie a look together. The simple black fold over bag really pulls the chic cozy look together with the bracelets and scarf acting as the accents.
Over all, HUGE fan of this shoot. I die!

::pictures obtained from photoesdemode.blogspot.com::