I was looking at Temperley London Bridal Spring 2010 when I came across this gorgeoussss wedding dress. I'm not sure if it's quite the dress that I see myself marrying my future husband (current boyfriend, Jake) but if I could pull this off, I would...everyday...for the rest of my life. ILOVEEE the way this dress drapes off of the model and pools around her feet. The beaded detail across the bust is excruciating its so beautiful, and the way it blends in with the flower accents around the legs screams Japanese garden to me...not sure that's an accurate visual but that's what it reminds me of OK. The dress is soo delicate and soft it makes me want to wear it in front of my future husband (current boyfriend, Jake) just because I feel like this dress would make me feel beautiful forever. Maybe the sleeves are a little much, but I think with out them the train would be unnecessary and I LOVE the train. I'm not a huge fan of veils either, I like a natural looking bride with her wedding day glow visible, buttttt....without it, I think the dress mightttt look prom dressy...I MEAN THAT WITH ALL DO RESPECT, this dress is gorgeous to me, it's my place to pick at the dress, this IS a blog, what do you expect? Plus it's not like I'm getting married in the next year or so, it's not like my BrutaLBudget could even come close to affording it, anddd I'm not one to a buy a dress way in advance and expect nothing better to come along. All I'm saying, is that this dress would make a bride cry down the aisle shed feel so pretty and happy. YES I like it that much, even if it is a lot of detail. Its purdy.