To Buy or Not to Buy

For the past two days I've been trying not to close my browser. I have 2 windows that have full shopping carts that have yet to be emptied. The first is Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret usually starts to come out with a new swimsuit line around spring so I wanted to hope on some of their old styles early.

The first swimsuit on the right is a pink embellished razorback triangle top and low rise bottom. Normally I try and stay away from anything that will give me a weird tan line, but this back is all that is sexy and more. I tried to steer away but I just couldn't click the remove button from my basket. I also really loved the front because the straps came over the model's shoulders in a cute bra sort of way making the top look extra effortless. The middle swimsuit is interesting. It's a shell trim halter top with a string bottom. Again, I try and stick to clean-cut, triangle top suits for the closest all body tan that I can get. I'm not sure if I love the shape of the top or white bathing suits in general, sometimes they can look sort of blah but with a good tan...A+. What really won me over for this bikini is the shell trim. The detail upgrades this suit from questionable to intriguingly cute! I like the way it outlines the flat stomach and curves of the bust. This bathing suit could flatter a lot of girls. The third bathing suit on the right is a Cyn and Luca embellished animal print triangle top and sting bottoms. Everything about this bikini is saying YESSS to me. The kaleidoscope animal print is so yummy any girls wild side is sure to come out. I love the shape and long bottom ties.
With all three of these sitting in my online basket and the total slowly killing my bank account, I narrowed it down to the third bikini because of all it's positive points. But if I see the other two on a girl slimmer and tanner than me I'll probably cry and buy them through jealously.

The other two items in my Victoria's Secret basket are an adorable demi bra and Cotton & linen crochet sweater.

The demi bra is perfect mix of adorable and delicate. I love the colors with the lacy texture and even though I'm not usually into bows on underwear or bras because of tight clothes, the bow adds a sexy little touch.
The sweater I VANTTT! I would wear this with my new black leggings and or jeans and a cute pair of flats. The flowing structure of the top really goes well with the detail of the crochet.

Unfortunately, these items will sit and rot away in my online basket. Lets face it. I'm a freshman in college with a BrutaLBudget. So far my funding has been provided by my mother even though I recently got a job, I have yet to get paid.

Lets be honest. You and I both know where my pay check will be going.