I've been gone for some time now but I've decided to bring this little guy back again. So, to start things fresh, I'll introduce you to my latest muse. She's poised, reserved, and beautiful, and knows who she is. The pictures of my little friend came out more wonderful than I had hoped in color, but I've spent too many long romantic nights with B&W to even consider otherwise. What really made the pictures for me was the perfect-overcast-lighting and her incredible presence in front of the camera. Usually I struggle with animal and children shoots, but she was really the best and wasn't distracted by the camera at all.

Most of you are aware of my interest in fashion photography and my desire to eventually have a career in the field. But until I get there, I'll be bustin' out the canon whenever I get the chance and sharing some of my favorites with you. So bare with my amateur pics, I'm still learning, but thanks for always supporting me, and I hope I haven't lost you forever. I promise I'll be good this time.

::Photos taken by BrutaLBudget ::