Raise your hand if you've missed Gemma Ward! *Raising hand* Don't worry Gemma, Lindsey Wixson isn't going to replace you, her abnormally large lips won't be popular forever.
Don't you love when you watch skinny girls eat fast food all the time. I remember when that was me once, and I couldn't get enough of it. Then hormones hit and now I can't go eating McDonald's all the time now can I? But OK, how much do you LOVE the fishtail dresses, glistening jewelry, and of course, the Popsicle? Doing the laundry before I head off to the red carpet, k cool, see you later. I know this shoot has been done before but something about it is so welcoming and friendly, it makes you want to buy $1,000,000 dresses and play in soapy bubbles while you blissfully forget about the after math of a 5lb milkshake...woof.

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