I don't care what anyone says about Stone's gap teeth, I like her. I love how dirty and greasy the set of this shoot is. Even Stone's legs and feet are filthy, and combined with the elegant draping of the dresses and worn in floor panels, I've died and gone to heaven. It may sound odd at first, but I'm fascinated by art that brings out beauty through something dirty, deformed, or ugly. Here is this beautiful woman in gorgeous gowns sprawled out on a dusty floor and cootie-embedded chair. It makes us neat freaks cringe at the thought of thousands of dollars dragging behind you on those floors and germs collecting under her grime encrusted nails beds. But look at her. Stone's attached to the rotting chair, rooted into the floorboards, and blissfully unaware of her beauty's contrast with the ugly room around her. A beautiful face living in the ugly world of fashion.

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