DON'T get me started on how unbelievably cute the pomeranians' paw pads are. Rip my fricken heart out why don't you.
First of all, Grace Coddington will forever and always be considered a God in the house of BrutaLBudget. Second of all, the girls hair is the perfect accent on a long stem of limbs. Third of all, you know how much I love black and white plus contrast, and when you throw freckles into the mix you might as well just pull the plug, it kills me. Not to mention Eddie Redmayne has this permanent little pout action going on with his mouth and with a scrunched up brow, his face gives the photo the perfect kiss of summer. To conclude, red headed frizz, dark lips, the CUTEST little pom, freckled love, and a barbie waist really makes this shoot for me.

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