I wish I had the video on here but I haven't been able to get my hands on anything besides a direct link to probably the most AMAZING fashion show I have ever seen. I wasn't there, so it's not like I witnessed it, but seriously, I believe this show is the MOST elegant, romantic, BEYOND, fabulous, and incredible show ever. If Coco could've seen the show, she would've been speechless, words can not describe the beauty of the Chanel 2010 ready-to-wear Spring-Summer runway. I'm not a professional runway writer or anything, but all I'm saying is that when I saw this video in my Merchandising class, I couldn't stop smiling because I was so taken back. Then some girl asked why all the shoes were the same and I woke up from my blissful dream and remembered I was in TX. Can you imagine how incredible you would feel if you had been THERE (lets not get carried away and say the front row, don't be unrealistic.) The show didn't need over the top technology magic to connect the viewers feelings to the art and fashion. Karl managed to create an escape to a world where only Chanel exists. Watch for yourself and you'll see why I think so highly of Karl. Pure bliss, PURE bliss.