I was at work last night when I was talking to a woman who said "when other people are good at things that I'm not, I smile and am happy because I know I'm not good at certain things for a reason. We can't all be good at everything or we wouldn't be special or have a purpose in this life. Like, a chair is good for sitting, but a table is good for eating. They both have their own special purpose." 1.) I love portraits 2.) I love black and white photography 3.) I love a lot of contrast. 4.) I was going to connect that quote to something about these pictures but I forgot what that was...
I love how you can find inspiration in the smallest of things. The lady I spoke to was a maintenance woman at my work for the last night (she left to spend more time with her daughter.) We hadn't ever spoken more than 5 words at a time to each other the entire year we've worked together, but the one time we did, I found it to be incredibly insightful. That's why I blog. I might not be a professional, but that doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy the little inspirations of others, like Bruna Castanheira's photos above. They might seem a little commercial or even a little amateur, but what won me over were the little things like the creases in the jean dress, the roots of Nathalie's hair, and the power of the black negative space. These things are what matter to me and what inspire me. Soft details mixed with harsh depths inspire me. Take it or leave it, I thought you'd just like to know.

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