Oh Boy...

OK, hi. So like WhoWhatWear said I'm "wild about the black-and-white pattern—it's a welcome variation from typical neutral cork or raffia." Lucky Brand's Koko Wedge sandal is perfect for summer 2010. These sandals are the POP for any outfit this summer, not to mention these sandals would elongate any girls' legs when paired with a simple skirt. So then what's the problem? Well the $99 price isn't really the problem as much as the SOLD OUT sign is. Depressing, I know. When you have an average size foot like yours truly, it's almost impossible to get a wedge advertised on WhoWhatWear, let alone in general. But a 7 1/2 isn't the only size sold out, so if you thought you could scoop this BrutaLBudget, nice try.
Until I can scoop you every time,
~ Stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget ~

::photos obtained from luckybrand.com::