Little Miss Perfect

Lots and lots of pearls, bows, and glam. Jcrew is always a BrutaLBudget favorite but lately, it has been getting a little dangerous for yours truly over here.
The necklace ($39.50) is so sweet with bubbly pearls and precious bows. Not to mention this would be the perfect compliment to any simple outfit. It is the most delicate touch of chic.
The nude flats ($168) give nude flats a new name. With the embellished flower on the toe and the sweep cut on the inner and outer sides of the shoe, this flat is the perfect addition to your simple jeans and white v-neck ensemble. In addition, these flats would also look good with the necklace above and a black or navy, tailored, blazer: chic, chic, chic.
And to add a little pop of color to our outfit on the rise, the brilliant orange clutch ($128) could really make an outfit fabulous.
Unfortunately...not counting the jeans, white v-neck, and blazer that we've included in our creation, our purchases come out to a total of $335.50....ha.
While some of us smile and think 'perfect!',, smile and think 'Grecia (and my BrutaLBudget) would kill me slash never speak to me ever again.'

So until I can say "perfect!"
~stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget

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