Bikinis? Yes please!

Hello Summer!
Normally, I have a hard time finding bathing suits because I'm so picky, I like them to be cute and fabulous #1 but they also have to be tanning friendly.
Fortunately for me yet unfortunately for my BrutaLBudget, I finally narrowed down my interests to two. The first, Victoria's Secret's Beach Sexy Twist Bandeau top ($22) and Double String bottoms ($14.50) in Tropical Blue. I love the color and simplicity of this bathing suit. Very bright and summery, and very complimentary for when I get tan. I usually don't like strapless bathing suits because you end up with a white strip across your chest visible in v-necks, BUT this top makes up for it. I usually don't do string bottoms either because when I tan I am very conscious of shadows and let me tell you, I have had my fair share of string tan lines. I do like the low cut and the space between the strings on the side though, very sexy. Not to mention, the combo price of the bikini set comes out to a low $36.50.
The second bikini in my cart is the Very Sexy Gold Ring Bandeau top ($38) in plum. Love the color and love the bright cold and mysterious plum combo. However, the top alone is a little pricey for my BrutaLBudget, and with the $40 bottoms, I would almost end up with a $100 suit from Victoria's Secret. This is OK for those who haven't already invested in bikinis but once again, I have my fair share in this department. So, I'm settling for the top alone mixed with black or brown bottoms that I already have.
In the summer time it's hard to shop smart, so in the mean time:
~ Stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget

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