Benjamin Eyewear

So I was sifting through some of the blogs that I follow and landed upon one of my favorites. It's a favorite because I haven't found too many like it and it doesn't seem that too many people have found it either. Anyways, I was scrolling through countless posts of shades when I found one featuring Benjamin Eyewear 2010 sunglasses. I clicked on the leeleelu link and off I went to browsing land.
I found two shades in particular that I enjoyed. The first was the Douglass Matte Tortoise Delux ($475.) These shades are all sorts of fabulous. First, they're 100% handmade. Second, the clip on is so vintage and amazing. Third, the clip on addition has UV A and B protection. These shades are 100% worth every single one of your 47,500 pennies. (What if you actually paid in pennies? That would be hilarious.) While I'm not sure my BrutaLBudget could ever forgive me for such a purchase, I'm not sure I could even pull them off. What can I say, I live in a dream world 24/7.
The second pair I added to my notorious online shopping bag was the Cindy Gray Smoke ($325.) They look a little ridiculous at first glance, but on the model they are really quite chic. The size would be borderline bug-eye if it wasn't for the unique shape. I would actually consider buying a pair if I had over $1000 in my checking account but lets face it, that's wishful thinking when you're a college student.
So until I get over $1000,

~Stay calm, stay away, and stay within your BrutaLBudget

::photos obtained from featured on Eye Wear Glasses::