You know me, always online browsing. Today I came across this adorable Ribbon Raindrop Necklace from Jcrew. The necklace is described as
"A multi-textured treasure, with hand-dyed silk ribbon bows and a delightful medley of hand-cut faceted raindrop stones and faux pearls that mix and mingle with twisted chains of pearl and brass—it's like wearing several necklaces at once but in one easy piece. Copper ox-plated brass chain with faceted teardrop golden glass beads. Lobster clasp closure, specially coated in eye-catching electric neon. Import. Length: 31".
How perfect. The sherbert colored ribbon mixed with the pearls and stones make this necklace a great feminine accent for spring. Precious.
With my BrutalBudget in mind, it might be safe to tell you that this necklace is $45, a little pricey for such a small necklace, but hey lets face it, it is Jcrew. When Gap used to be the old Old Navy and Jcrew used to be the old Gap, Jcrew was a little more affordable but lucky and yet unlucky for us, Gap and Jcrew both decided to become a little more chic and with chic comes price. So there you have it, a $45 necklace, not too shabby.

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