Boston's Boy

I was browsing the iTunes store when I cam across this stud named Sam Adams, yes like the beer. I listened to a few 30 second clips and really liked what I heard and ended up buying the whole album. Not very like least that's what I tell my But I can safely say that this guy is SICK. He's a 22-year-old Boston WHITE rapper, yes I know what you're thinking but no he is far from Eminem. Hes got this amazing flow that a lot of rappers today have lost. It's a shame that technology has so overwhelmed today's hip-hop and rap that it's hard to truly appreciate their "talent". But when I heard the new Boston's Boy tracks, my love and appreciation for rap came flooding back to me. Sam Adams' new album Boston's Boy hit #1 on iTunes' top album list after one day of being released. Needless to say his music is offffff the wall, it makes you want to chill, it makes you want to dance, it makes you want to tell all your friends about the new jams that you've found. I'll put the tunes on BrutaLBudget for a while but I have to put a little Explicit disclaimer. <- so there you go...Enjoy!
~ Driving Me Crazy
~ Coast 2 Coast
~ Comin' Up