Steven Meisel

Some of you Style Rookie followers might have seen one of her earlier posts featuring Steven Meisel's underwater shoot. Last year I did a focus on underwater photography so when I saw these beautiful photos a little spot in my heart got happy. The models look so delicate and the combination of their hair and clothes are incredible. I can't decide if the models look dead or just frozen. It's as if the roles of the clothes and the body have switched, instead of the clothes accenting the body, the body and hair of the models accent the clothes and their movement and shape in the water. The fabrics are almost granted a freedom to hang where ever they please instead of being draped off the body by gravity. This is getting a little deep but the whole idea of the shoot gets me really excited. It's so gorgeous I would die to play with a shoot like this. It reminds me of Howard Schatz and some of his work. Love underwater photography, I die. A BrutaLBudget can't stop you from exploring your creativity. That's the beauty in art.