Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

When I first saw Marc Jacobs' collection I was a little disappointed with the huge amount of khaki and patched denim work. I understand that his inspiration was after the Berlin Wall came down yada yada yada but an over does on khaki never really does it for me, not to mention camels and khakis wash my skin tone out its a shame I know. But when I got further along in the collection, I started seeing the Marc that I really love. Dark romantic colors and textures with splashes of gold detail. Classic white lace top paired with a black pant, velvet hats, socks with both flats and pumps, and lets not forget about the cozy yet chic mens wear, YUMM! Oh and don't forget the oxfords, especially the bronze pair. Marc by Marc Jacobs is always a brand that tends to battle it out with my BrutaLBudget.

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